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Fine continental, Portuguese and English cuisine

Pratos de Entremedio (Meat Dishes)


Bifanas de Javali
Medalions of wild boar marinaded in white wine, port, garlic and herbs, served in a sauce made from the marinade and garnished with apricots

Carne de Vinho e Alhos
Medalions of pork marinaded in white wine with bay leaves, garlic and spices, pan-fried and served with a tasty sauce made with the marinade

Bifinhos de Porco Alentejana
Medalions of pork cooked with a sauce of tomato, onion, olives, garlic, white wine and mussels

Bifinhos de Porco Arquiduque
Marinaded medalions of pork, pan-fried and served in a delicious Madeira wine and cream sauce with onion and garlic, garnished with artichokes

Escalope de Porco Savora
Escalope of pork served with a tasty mustard sauce

Bifinhos de Porco au Damasco
Medalions of pork served topped with apricots and a delicious hollandaise sauce

Escalope de Vitela Vienense
Breadcrumbed escalope of veal garnished with lemon

Escalope de Vitela Cordon Bleu
Sautéed escalope of veal, topped with a slice of ham and served with a white wine and cheese sauce

Escalope de Vitela Marsala
Sautéed escalope of veal in a rich Marsala wine sauce with mushrooms, onion and cream

Tournedo Madeira
Fillet steak wrapped in bacon, served on a crouton, topped with pâté and a rich Madeira wine sauce

Bife a Estalagem
Fillet steak served with a delicious white wine and cream sauce

Bife a Frigideira
Slices of fillet steak served with a julienne of ham in a tasty white wine sauce with garlic

Bife a Portuguesa
Fillet steak topped with a slice of ham, served with a tasty garlic and red wine sauce with sauté potatoes

Tournedo Colchester
Fillet steak garnished with a rich red wine and garlic sauce with oysters

Filete Americano
Fillet steak garnished with lobster and served with a delicious Madeira wine sauce with cream, onion and tomato

Bife Stroganoff
Strips of fillet steak sautéed with finely chopped onion and mushrooms, paprika, brandy and cream. Served with rice

Bife Alvaros
Sirloin steak with a delicious white wine, cream and brandy sauce with onion, mushrooms and artichokes

Bife a Cigana
Sirloin steak with a spicy red and green pimiento sauce with choppedtomato, onion, mushrooms and red wine

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